Was Your Website Dropped from Google Index? How to Re-Index in 48 Hours

We recently had a site get dropped from Google index. We had it re-indexed within 48 hours by using these tactics:

  1. Submit to Webmaster Tools to verify the site and check for any errors.
  2. Submit a sitemap under Webmaster Tools.

This did not get us re-indexed within 24 hours, so we escalated by posting links to the website on the following social media platforms:

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Google+

Bam! Within 24 hours we were re-indexed.

Now, it could have been the initial submission to Webmaster Tools that started the process. In fact, I would bet that is a good way to get the site indexed. However, it could also be the power of a few links on Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

The only way to truly know is to do a test on two domains and see which is indexed faster (webmaster tools or social media). It could be that they are the same.

Either way, cover your bases and follow the six steps above – it only takes about 15 minutes. In this case, we are happy that the site is back in the index.

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