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Best Practices Guide for On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is an important marketing tactic for your firm’s competitiveness. Without it, you’ll risk losing all visibility to users coming into your website from organic search. But succeed at it, and you’ll bring in a consistent return on investment.…

Ashley portraitHow To Conquer Local SEO For Your Law Firm

Most law firms can benefit from establishing a local SEO strategy. If done successfully, you will increase your chances of appearing in search when someone nearby is looking for a lawyer. This means you can expect to rank highly for…

The Post-COVID Economy: What Does It Mean for Legal Marketing?

Don’t Let Your Legal Marketing Efforts Lapse: Data Shows That Clients are Still Actively Hiring Attorneys Don’t let the negative press fool you: Clients continue to use the internet to search for attorneys. Though business may seem slower, your lack…

Pete Boyd portraitSEO for Law Firms – 7 Quick Tips

SEO is ever-evolving, which means law firms must stay on top of the latest trends to stay relevant, acquire conversions and rank high across search engines. But with so many changes in what Internet marketing campaigns should focus on, how can law firms determine what their optimal strategies should be? We’ve got the answer. Check out our 7 quick tips for establishing a solid SEO campaign for your law firm.

Ashley portrait4 Ways Law Firms Can Stay Proactive on the Web

When it comes to your online presence, making sure your law firm stays proactive is crucial to keeping up with your competition and keeping your Internet Marketing goals in check. It’s easy to become busy with the everyday responsibilities that come with running a law firm and leave your website needs on the backburner. However, this can begin to catch up with you, so we always recommend regular maintenance to avoid any major issues that may present themselves unexpectedly. In this blog, we outlined four of the important website needs your firm should be paying attention to year-round to keep you on track for online success.

Pete Boyd portraitWhy Is This Random Firm Ranked on Page One?

In a follow-up to my article about ranking high in Google and why certain firms do better, I wanted to answer the question of why some random firm ranks high. Let’s first start by analyzing the most commons issues we see and from there, we can then see why some other firm may rank high.

5 Reasons Why You Need an Internet Marketing Strategy in 2018

In a digital world, it’s still common to see businesses handling their own Internet marketing with little experience or an overall strategy. However, appointing a dedicated digital guru to assist your firm is critical if you want to 1) maximize your results and 2) get back to what you do best – practicing law. But why bother employing an Internet marketing campaign at all? Read on to find out.

David portrait[Case Study] Is It Better for Conversions to Have a Contact Form on Your Home Page?

Here at PaperStreet, we pride ourselves on getting results for our marketing clients. One of the most important data metrics that we use for analyzing a website’s success is the number of completed contact form conversions. As a result, we wanted to conduct an internal case study that would test if a website benefited from more conversions if it had a contact form on the home page, above the fold. Read on to see our results.

David portrait5 Best Practices for Conversion Driven Law Firm Websites

If your website is not engaging visitors, then the traffic coming to your website is wasted. As a result, we have outlined our 5 best practices to help drive conversions and generate more revenue for your law firm.

Four Suggestions For How Small Firms and Solo Practitioners Can Better Connect with their Readers

Creating content that connects you with your readers and provides valuable information takes time and commitment on your part. Pam is here with suggestions for how you can make this happen in four easy steps.

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