‘Aren’t all websites mobile?’ No. Why You Need a Mobile Site


May 23, 2011

With more people than ever utilizing their mobile devices for web browsing, there has been a lot of buzz in the media about Mobile websites and their impact on your business and marketing strategies.

The first question that often comes to mind when hearing about mobile friendly sites is often, “Aren’t all websites technically ‘mobile,’ as anyone with an Internet browser on their phone can view them?”

In actuality, if you want the viewer to have a positive experience when viewing the site, the answer is surprisingly often “no.”    There are multiple levels of mobile friendliness, and not all sites are ideal for mobile viewing.

Things that could impact the users viewing experience can range from the usage of Flash on the website, (which is not supported by any Apple product such as an iPhone or iPad), to just having a design which is not well organized, making it difficult to navigate without a large screen and mouse.

While sites can be made significantly more mobile by utilizing alternate image rotation technologies, and also paying attention to the navigation and usability,  an entirely mobile design can also be created fairly painlessly off of an existing web design.

Mobile designs at their best utilize as many of the design characteristics of your full website design as possible, while streamlining to focus just on the details that someone viewing it on a phone would be most likely looking for.

So, with two sites, how does the phone (or computer) know which site is the correct one to be viewing?    There is an auto detection script which would automatically load the mobile version of the site for someone who is looking at it via mobile device.

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