5 Quick Law Firm SEO Tips: A Beginners Guide

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Some Quick SEO Tips for Law Firms.

#1:”  Do some quick SEO research. It only takes 3 minutes with a quick method found here.

#2:”  Make sure your Title Tags correspond your content and include keyword phrases. No more firm name only on your home page.

#3:”  Make sure your web team builds an architecturally sound site (Title’s, Headlines, CSS, xHTML, Alt Tags, Meta).

#4:”  Create topical content that matches up to your keyword phrases. Include links in your text to relevant pages / sites. It’s only the start though, as links are important. Read more here at SEOMoz.

#5:”  Build links. Make sure the anchor text of the link is focused and you diversify the links. Check out the experts thoughts on SEO and links.

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