SEO Keyword Research in 3 Minutes: Knowing is Half the Battle . . . GI SEO!

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Yes, you can do effective SEO keyword research in less than 3 minutes. You are just three steps away to knowing what to target….and knowing is half the battle.

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Knowing is Half the SEO Battle

1. Keyword Brainstorm

Your first step is to get all possible keywords that describe your site and create a keyword phrase list from those keywords. People search by keyword phrases, not keywords. Personally, I just use Notepad and grab the following from the web site.

  • Take your practice areas
    • Employment, Labor, Discrimination, etc.
  • Take your geographic locations
    • NJ, New Jersey, etc.
  • Take the root terms
    • lawyer, attorney and law firm

Now you have all your possible keywords. You just need to combine them together. You can do this manually or with a kick butt tool!

2. Compile Keyword Phrases

Use a tool to multiply them all together with all possible extensions. SWEET, you now have a keyword phrase list. Let’s run the numbers and see what people actually search for from that list.

Screenshot of an SEO keyword generator tool with various input fields, including URL, word lists, current results, stored results, and options to move and clear words. SEO Keyword Research in 3 Minutes: Knowing is Half the Battle . . . GI SEO!

Generate Keyword Phrase List

2. Research at Google

Go to Google Keyword Search Tool and simply paste in your generated results. Enter in Google’s CAPTCHA code to check that you are human and see the results.

        A snapshot of a Google search results page displays the frequency of various search queries in different columns, with data on average monthly searches and competition levels, perfect for swift SEO keyword research.

Google Results – Oh Yeah!


There you go. In three minutes you can determine what keyword phrases to target. Yes, of course this is a BASIC method. You can also do in-depth research of competitors web sites, use other tools like WordTracker and Keyword Discovery, or setup a PPC to get live data.

But in just 3 minutes you can increase your knowledge and get going on other important things like writing content and link building.

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