Week 4 – Insightful Web Design, Development, and Marketing Links

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Hello Everyone!

I am back with some new useful links this week. They range from all categories and will come in handy for all web users and developers. Browse around, check them out and find something new that works for you.

Crazyegg Lets you figure out what people are doing when they visit your website.

Screenshot of the CrazyEgg website homepage, showcasing navigation links, a call-to-action for sign-up, and features of their analytics services including Overlay, List, and Heatmap visuals. This illustration is part of Week 4 - Insightful Web Design Development and Marketing Links.


Fileshuttle Makes sharing files on the web easier for Mac users.

A screenshot of the FileShuttle website displaying a "Download" button for Mac OS X, with an open file window and icons on the right side of the desktop background, exemplifying techniques discussed in Week 4 - Insightful Web Design Development and Marketing Links.


Screenr Allows you to record ready-to-tweet screencasts.

A webpage for Screenr, a web-based tool for creating screencasts for Twitter. It highlights features such as no downloads, compatibility with Mac and PC, availability on various devices, and offers Week 4 - Insightful Web Design Development and Marketing Links to enhance your online presence.


Sunday Morning Is a jQuery plugin which allows site-owners to offer their visitors some easy and fancy ways to translate their content in more than 30″ languages.

An interface displaying information about SundayMorning, a jQuery plugin that helps offer multiple language translations for websites and includes references to Week 4 - Insightful Web Design Development and Marketing Links, Google Translate API, language options, and bookmarklets.


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