Tips for search engine optimization

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Relevant Content

Content is king. Search engines rank web sites higher if they offer relevant content that contains such words or subjects. For your law firm to be found, your site needs to offer authoritative information on your practice areas. Do this by adding articles, newsletters, alerts, profiles and anything else that is relevant.

Quick fixes like jump pages, cloaking or hiding content will hurt rankings
While unethical tactics do not hurt anyone like a weapon of mass destruction (WMD), search engines view these techniques just the same. Each search engine company has its own team of inspectors that regularly ban web sites that use these spam techniques. Use these techniques at your own peril. They may help you in the short term, but eventually you will be caught and your site banned.

Edit your Meta Tags

Meta tags are HTML-coded information that search engines look at when crawling on your web site for information. In the simplest form, meta tags consist of a title tag (although technically not a meta tag, its the most important tag), a description tag, and keywords tag. To optimize the web site, your firm should decide on the most important words to place in title, keyword, and description tags. In addition, your firm should create different meta tags for each page of the web site. This will allow each page to be indexed differently by the search engine.



As stated by Google, the best way to ensure a top listing is for your web site to be linked to a lot of other web sites. This is known as link popularity. We encourage clients to seek out links with related companies. We do not recommend creating spam links or linking to spam sites that artificially boost your web sites rating, but receiving quality links to your site will boost its ranking.


Register your Web Site
To capitalize on your firm’s link popularity, meta tags, and content, your web site needs be registered with the top search engines and as many other web sites as possible. However, submitting is easy and if your web site has been on the Internet for more than a year then likely all search engines have already included your web site in their directory. Finally, there’s no need to submit your web site to 1,000 plus search engines as almost all web traffic comes from a handful of search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo, AOL, and

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