The Most Popular Name for Law Firm Blog Platforms


One of the first steps in the web design process is finalizing the site architecture. The site architecture is a list of all the pages on your website, both new and old, and dictates the names and hierarchy of the pages.

One of the constant areas of discussion is the blog platform. On a law firm website that blog platform is a place to add firm press releases or news announcements, feature media appearances, share industry news, tips or knowledge. In the blog platform, a firm might choose to highlight videos, publish articles and provide resources like calculators, forms, and newsletters.

It’s All In the Name

When determining the name of your blog platform you have to first determine what kind of posts you’ll be creating. The name needs to accurately describe the information that will be found in this location on your website. We have to match user intent – it’s paramount.

“News & Resources” is the Most Popular Names for Legal Blogs

We reviewed the last 100 law firm website launches at PaperStreet to determine the most popular main navigation name for legal blogs.


News & Resources 29
Blog 14
News 12
Resources 9
News & Events 6
News & Articles 4
Articles 3
Resource Center 3
News & Media 3
Events 2
Media 2
Publications 2
Bankruptcy Blog 1
Case News & Articles 1
Firm News 1
Law Library 1
Media & Resources 1
News & Resource Center 1
News & Seminars 1
Newsroom 1
Press & Updates 1
What’s New 1
What We Know 1

We weren’t surprised to discover that “News & Resources” was the leading law firm blog name (by quite a bit). The term “News & Resources” is really all-encompassing and leaves the door open for you to produce content in various categories, including: News, Media, Videos, Articles, Press Releases, Forms, Calculators, FAQs, Blog, Legal Alerts, etc.

When determining what you should call your blog platform just ask yourself: what kind of content will the firm produce regularly? If it is all content related to the firm than a title of News or Press will be better. If it is client-centered materials than News & Resources might fit the bill.


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