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PaperStreet web design has created a guide for individuals and companies interested in learning about search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization Quick Tips

Search Submission

  • Submitting a web site no longer does anything, as most likely your web site is
    already in the search engines database.
  • Search engines use automated software to find links and web sites. The easiest way to be included in their database is to have links from other web sites to your site.
  • You only need to submit your site once . . . ever.

Search Optimization Factors

  • Link Popularity
  • Keyword Phrases
  • Title Tag
  • Updating Frequency
  • Domain and Site Age

Most Important Factor: Link Popularity

  • Link popularity is the number of web sites that link to your site
  • All search engines use a form of link popularity as a factor
  • The more sites that link to yours, the higher your link popularity
  • The more popular the sites that link to your site, the higher your link

Other Search
Algorithm Factors

  • Keyword Phrases: Choosing the right keyword phrases, their location and frequency is important.
  • Title Tag: The page title that appears on the top of the internet browser.
    Important to have your keyword phrases located in this tag.
  • Page Frequency: New pages with new information are typically ranked higher.
  • Domain and Site Age: Typically older domains have more links to them. Always use your oldest domain.

Bad Tactics

  • Splash Pages: Graphic text cannot be indexed by search engines. Always use plain text for your keyword phrases.
  • Misleading Keywords: Never repeat keyword phrases over and over. Write your keyword phrases into text in paragraph form.
  • Redirects: Do not cloak your pages or use confusing redirects that may cause the search engine spider may miss PaperStreet Web Design Develops Easy To Use Search Engine Optimization Tipsyour pages.
  • Hidden Text: Never hide your text on the page. White text on white background is the oldest trick in the book and search engines check for this.
  • For more information on bad tactics, read Google’s own information:

Length of Time & What to Expect

  • Be Patient. Obtaining search engine rankings takes time and is a trial and
    error process.
  • New sites can expect to be included in a search engines index anywhere from
    one week to one month after launch. Of course, this is just inclusion. It does NOT mean that you will rank high. Higher rankings could come several
    months later.
  • Older sites that are re-optimized can expect quicker results. We have re-optimized sites that appeared in the top rankings within a few days after the site re-launch. However, other times it has taken a few months to obtain the desired rankings.
  • There are no quick fixes. Search engine optimization is for the long term.
    Quick fix artists, typically use unethical tactics that will ultimately get you banned.
  • There are No Guarantees. Anyone that guarantees you a number one ranking is selling you advertising or lying.
  • For more information about what to expect – read Google’s own information:
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