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Its 10:00am Monday morning at the office and the PaperStreet team has only one thing on their minds… getting the chance to spill a minute of found link knowledge on all the rest of us. Not just any knowledge, exciting fun knowledge on topics ranging from technology to design, and even the latest and greatest trends out there. Here are a few of the links we’ve discovered so far.

Web Fonts: This site offers a list of fonts available for @font-face embedding.

The Potential of Web Typography: A Firefox 3.5 browser release that allows web designers to use fonts not installed on end user machines.

Y Slow: A Firefox add on that analyzes high performance websites and offer’s ways to improve a page’s performance.

Clever PNG Optimization Techniques: This site offers techniques that help optimize PNG-images.

Adopting a “Does it Really Matter?” Philosophy: This site gives useful tips on when and where time should be spent when developing a site.

Compete: A site that allows you to analyze competitors site data.

Ecofont: A site that offers an eco friendly free downloadable typeface that contains ink-saving holes.

Add to Any: Widgets that allow people to share, save, and subscribe to your content.

iphone Application UI Design Patterns: This site shares established patterns for learning how to”  build iphone applications.

5 Easy Ways to Start a Productive Day: 5 useful tips on how to get your morning started.

Coda Popup Bubbles: Developer’s code that shows how to create a “puff’ popup bubble when you mouse over an image.

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