MailChimp’s Omnivore Isn’t Monkeying Around

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screenshot-mailchimp.com 2016-06-29 10-02-20

MailChimp’s abuse prevention system might have you saying “Omni-what??”

I speak from experience as this is exactly what I uttered when I encountered it for the first time while uploading a client’s list. The formerly “behind the scenes” addition to the platform has been making itself known with recent program upgrades. It scans list imports (among other things) to predict “bad behavior in campaigns before they even get out of the door.”

So, what does this mean for you as a newsletter user? At PaperStreet we have always harped on having a list that follows all compliance guidelines. Now more than ever it is important to comply, since MailChimp is clearly not monkeying around.

What is Omnivore?

Omnivore is an automatic abuse prevention system that analyzes lists, reviews content, monitors user behavior and is “getting smarter everyday.” (Anyone else get a “Big Brother” vibe from that?)

All kidding aside, it is actually a positive asset to the email marketing world. Thanks to the information it is able to gather, MC has been able to shut down “hundreds of thousands” of malicious accounts. It’s the internet equivalent to taking down a telemarketer that blatantly uses numbers on the “do not call list” – and I think everyone can agree, that’s a good thing.


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