Law Firm Content Ideas & Inspiration: 5 Best Law Firm Content of 2018

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Content is one of the most important aspects of your website.   Effective law firm content can educate, inspire, and inform the reader while driving new business. 

At PaperStreet, we create thousands of content pages for law firms every year, helping clients rank higher in search and become thought leaders in their practice niche. Below we have assembled a list of some of the most effective law firm content pages we have created and why they work.

Best Law Firm Content Ideas of 2018

Bick Law LLP

Challenge:  Create high-ranking practice content that highlights the firm’s extensive experience and showcases their attorneys as leaders at the forefront of the field of environmental law.

Why This Content Works:

  • Educates and informs readers on the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA). 
  • Outlines the firm’s specific expertise in the area and provides concrete examples of how their legal team has helped clients.
  • Promotes traffic through a word count of nearly 1,000 words that helps the page rank high in search.   

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Coffey Trial Law

Challenge:  This attorney wanted an easy way to educate car accident victims on how to recover money on diminished value claims after a car accident.  He also wanted to attract more business leads through his website.

Why This Content Works:

  • Text educates readers on the basics of diminished value claims by distilling a complex topic into easy-to-understand terms.
  • Compact e-book format with a table of contents guides the reader and makes this content simple to navigate.
  • Infographics explain complex topics in way that is impactful and easy to digest.
  • Photographs break up the content and add visual punch. 
  • A website form requires readers to provide their contact information to receive the e-book, allowing the law firm to capture leads.

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Zamansky LLC

Challenge:  This securities arbitration firm wanted to attract more traffic to their site and increase their ERISA business. 

Why This Content Works:

  • This resource center links to a hub of related content that provides comprehensive information on the topic, helping it to rank high in search.
  • A video at the top of the page gives readers the option to consume the content through video rather than text.
  • A strong call to action and contact form encourage readers to get in touch with the firm.

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Thorn Law Group

Challenge:  The international tax attorneys at Thorn Law Group wanted to gain traffic and business leads from across the country. 

Why This Content Works:

  • Comprehensive coverage of a very niche topic has helped this page rank higher than the IRS content on the same topic.
  • Keywords (researched with the help of Google predictive search and Google keyword planner) include the most commonly searched terms to drive traffic.
  • Nearly 2,500 words of content answer frequently asked questions and help make this page a go-to resource on FATCA legislation.

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Miles Mediation

Challenge:  Showcase the firm as experts in alternative dispute resolution and thought leaders reshaping the future of the legal profession.

Why This Content Works:

  • Strategic blocks of text with prominent buttons pull readers further into the site.
  • Content is short and simple, contributing to the clean, modern aesthetic.
  • Links to podcasts, articles, seminars and bios help showcase the attorneys as thought leaders.

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