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Why should professionals have Facebook pages? The answer is surprisingly simple. Facebook is a trust-building medium. Potential clients trust others that their friends, family or acquaintances are familiar with. Additionally, having photos of your company picnic, or Super Bowl party helps others to provide a level of comfort that, while your profession may be different than theirs, you are still a Steelers fan, who enjoys a good BBQ as much as the rest of us.

Frequent posting is part of a successful Facebook strategy. Plan to post every day, or several times per week. As you know, Facebook posts appear at the top of the viewer’s page, so in order to stay in view, you need to post frequently.

Facebook Post Ideas:

  • Practice area developments. Post information which relates to your area of specialty.
    • Changes in laws, or your interpretation of them.
    • Potential issues or new developments and trends which could influence the legal landscape.
    • New/current cases or decisions that could impact future cases.
    • Specifics about the type of practice you have and the types of cases you handle.
  • Upcoming firm events. If you are hosting a firm event, helping with community service, or performing pro bono work, post it on Facebook to bring attention to your cause.
  • Upcoming Participation – Post events that you are planning to attend, speak at, or participate in. Use this as an opportunity to generate interest in the upcoming event, and to illustrate current activity related to your areas of practice as well as your personal interests.
  •  Ask people what they think. Questions and requests for feedback are great ways to gain important insight into your client base. Thoughts on cases in the news, logo options, recent legislative developments or who is going to win tonight’s game are all great opportunities for interaction.
  • Links to articles that you find interesting. Don’t just post the link – introduce it, comment on it, or put your own spin on the information you are linking to.
  • Go multi-media. Post photos, videos, comments, and questions.  Change it up, and be sure to participate on other’s pages as well.
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