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We use Google Search Console to see inbound links to our website. Every month we review the data to see where new links are coming from. Our review helps us determine good links from bad and, if necessary, we disavow any spurious links.

Over the last few months we have noticed odd links to paperstreet.com from a network of websites that appear to be related. These links are poor quality (to put it nicely)… really they are “crap” links. The network these links are coming from is basically a “crap” blog of spun content.

All of these poor quality websites are similar. They have scraped content that is merged with other scraped content to form gibberish legal articles. The articles link to various websites, not just paperstreet.com.

Blog Network Characteristics

Overall this link network shares commonalities and is probably the work of the same organization. Ideally, this article “outs” the tactics of whoever is producing these crap sites. Perhaps Google will take notice and simply devalue all their efforts. More sites are coming online each week, but overall they share a lot of the same characteristics:

  1. Domain: The domain is related to legal (lawyer, law firm, or attorney) and registered within the last year.
  2. Content: The content appears to be scraped from other websites and merged together to form some type of gibberish, non-sensible article. The content can include scraped photos, text, and links. Sometimes it goes as far as putting in related links. Since the content is merged automatically, it is basically gibberish.
  3. Design and Platform: They are WordPress websites with a default template design.
  4. Site Owner: The owner of the website is supposedly in India. The registrants are randomized, probably fake addresses and names. They have put a lot of effort into making unique registrants for these websites.
  5. Hosting: They are hosted on GoDaddy and/or Incapsula, Inc. (typically in the 107.154.105.XXX range, 107.154.106.XXX range, 184.168.221.XXX, 192.230.XXX.XXX, and 199.83.129.XXX range).

Goal of the Network

I assume the goal of this network is to gain inbound links to another site. Unfortunately, our website is listed in the mix (along with a lot of our friendly competitors). We have disavowed all links from these websites, but unfortunately that only does so much, as this link network is continually expanding even with our disavow efforts of previously uncovered bad links.

The List of Bad Links

These websites are still online at the time of writing this blog post and are ones we have identified as spammy or “crap” links.

attorneyorder.com107.154.105.10Redwood City, California
attorneysun.com107.154.105.107Redwood City, California
makeattorney.com107.154.105.38Redwood City, California
lawyerrange.com107.154.105.4Redwood City, California
suitelegal.com107.154.105.42Redwood City, California
inspiredattorney.com107.154.105.50Redwood City, California
attorneyright.com107.154.105.51Redwood City, California
lawyerping.com107.154.105.75Redwood City, California
themelegal.com107.154.105.77Redwood City, California
attorneyclean.com107.154.105.78Redwood City, California
mindattorney.com107.154.105.8Redwood City, California
attorneytouch.com107.154.105.8Redwood City, California
lawyerload.com107.154.105.92Redwood City, California
polyattorney.com107.154.106.103Redwood City, California
panelattorney.com107.154.106.108Redwood City, California
attorneyvalley.com107.154.106.116Redwood City, California
attorneyepic.com107.154.106.17Redwood City, California
limitlegal.com107.154.106.22Redwood City, California
attorneydetails.com107.154.106.26Redwood City, California
lawyerwish.com107.154.106.34Redwood City, California
foreverlegal.com107.154.106.59Redwood City, California
doubleattorney.com107.154.106.6Redwood City, California
lawyerclubs.com107.154.106.61Redwood City, California
attorneyhead.com107.154.106.70Redwood City, California
hiddenlegal.com107.154.106.71Redwood City, California
lawyergreat.com107.154.106.79Redwood City, California
voiceattorney.com107.154.106.8Redwood City, California
lawyertheory.com107.154.106.9Redwood City, California
lawyersterms.com107.154.106.90Redwood City, California
courselawyer.com107.154.110.33Redwood City, California
structuredsettlementcompany.com108.167.141.127Houston, Texas
attorneychart.com184.168.221.44Scottsdale, ArizonGoDaddy.com   LLC
lawyerpeak.com184.168.221.56Scottsdale, ArizonaGoDaddy.com   LLC
attorneyrise.com184.168.221.60Scottsdale, ArizonGoDaddy.com   LLC
signallawyer.com192.230.74.39Atlanta, Georgia
attorneyname.com192.230.81.13Dover, Delaware
allaboutalawyer.com192.230.81.226Dover, Delaware
omniattorney.com192.230.81.252Dover, Delaware
attorneyshow.com199.83.129.103Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
triplelegal.com199.83.129.110Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
attorneychip.com199.83.129.118Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
lawyerorder.com199.83.129.12Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
aheadlawyer.com199.83.129.123Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
lawyerstyles.com199.83.129.124Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
attornerygeneral.com199.83.129.130Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
skillattorney.com199.83.129.134Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
mixedlegal.com199.83.129.134Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
lawyerability.com199.83.129.154Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
attorneystack.com199.83.129.159Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
wishlawyer.com199.83.129.163Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
frontlawyer.com199.83.129.164Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
lawyermethod.com199.83.129.164Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
attorneylight.com199.83.129.177Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
shortlawyer.com199.83.129.180Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
lawyerunited.com199.83.129.195Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
lawyersee.com199.83.129.2Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
batchlegal.com199.83.129.2Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
systemlawyer.com199.83.129.201Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
chartlegal.com199.83.129.202Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
finallawyer.com199.83.129.202Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
lawyervisual.com199.83.129.203Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
showattorney.com199.83.129.203Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
lawyerventure.com199.83.129.204Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
trendlawyer.com199.83.129.209Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
rareattorney.com199.83.129.211Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
lawyerworker.com199.83.129.219Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
attorneypush.com199.83.129.222Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
attorneycoin.com199.83.129.243Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
adviseattorney.com199.83.129.244Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
inoutlegal.com199.83.129.252Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
lawyervisions.com199.83.129.252Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
attorneylot.com199.83.129.253Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
flowlawyer.com199.83.129.3Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
extraattorney.com199.83.129.51Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
attorneyglobe.com199.83.129.54Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
popattorney.com199.83.129.55Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
legalmega.com199.83.129.57Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
lawyershine.com199.83.129.64Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
lawyeranalyst.com199.83.129.84Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
attorneytrading.com199.83.129.94Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
attorneybin.com199.83.129.96Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
attorneyside.com199.83.131.114Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
attorneyforlife.com199.83.131.119Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
conceptlawyer.com199.83.131.119Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
lawyerrequest.com199.83.131.137Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
attorneywear.com199.83.131.137Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
neatlawyer.com199.83.131.138Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
attorneyaim.com199.83.131.141Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
lawyermessage.com199.83.131.143Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
everattorney.com199.83.131.145Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
wideattorney.com199.83.131.152Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
attorneyswap.com199.83.131.156Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
lawyerclear.com199.83.131.169Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
lawyerstage.com199.83.131.18Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
mixattorney.com199.83.131.187Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
lawyerselection.com199.83.131.19Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
attorneydecide.com199.83.131.199Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
attorneybyte.com199.83.131.2Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
afterattorney.com199.83.131.200Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
attorneyzero.com199.83.131.205Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
attorneystock.com199.83.131.218Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
attorneygems.com199.83.131.223Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
attorneychange.com199.83.131.224Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
attorneyshops.com199.83.131.232Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
forestlawyer.com199.83.131.233Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
lawyerlimited.com199.83.131.233Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
attorneymen.com199.83.131.234Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
fortunelawyer.com199.83.131.25Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
attorneylike.com199.83.131.28Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
lawyerpackage.com199.83.131.28Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
lawyerviewer.com199.83.131.28Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
attorneygeo.com199.83.131.32Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
aheadlegal.com199.83.131.34Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
lastattorney.com199.83.131.44Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
lawyergrow.com199.83.131.52Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
lawyertraders.com199.83.131.73Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
buddyattorney.com199.83.131.83Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
attorneyexact.com199.83.131.83Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
attorneynew.com199.83.131.85Dover, DelawareIncapsula Inc
lawyertogether.com199.83.132.193Ashburn, VirginiaIncapsula Inc
attorneyicon.com50.63.202.44Scottsdale, ArizonaGoDaddy.com   LLC
attorneysuggestor.com50.63.202.5Scottsdale, ArizonaGoDaddy.com   LLC
salelawyer.com50.63.202.55Scottsdale, ArizonaGoDaddy.com   LLC
attorneyviews.com50.63.202.59Scottsdale, ArizonaGoDaddy.com   LLC
1st-lawyers-resource.com65.60.18.123Chicago, IllinoisSingleHop


Why Write this Post?

Hopefully this article gains attention with Google and the websites listed above, and others like it, are banned (or at least no value is passed along). PaperStreet has already disavowed them.

Suggestions for You

To determine if you are a victim of this link circle, check out the websites above and run a search for your domain and/or company name. If you are in the legal marketing arena, you are most likely caught up in this mess. We have found links to all of our friendly competitors at GoBlackFin, Findlaw, Martindale, ModernFirm, Zola / Amicus, Dan Gilroy, iLawyerMarketing, LawPromo and more.

PaperStreet continually reviews the backlink profile of our SEO clients on a quarterly basis but if you are not yet an SEO client, you can also download a list of your back links from Google directly. Simply signup, or sign-in, to your Google Webmaster Tools accounts. You can then download your back link chart and review any inbound links.

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