Part 1: Design & SEO Ideas For Lawyers and Law Firms to Consider in 2014

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Trends come and go quickly in the digital industry. At PaperStreet, we have to stay on-top of what is current and cutting edge in order to continue to provide lawyers with the most effective and good-looking websites on the Internet. Of course, some trends are better suited for lawyers and law firms then others, but there is always time to test a new idea.

Our team compiled a list of so new ideas to consider for your law firm website. It’s a lot of information so we broke it up into Part 1 (Design and SEO) and Part 2 (Content and Internet Marketing, including Social Media).

  • Design
    • Focus on Mobile Design & Responsive Design – nearly 1/3 of your traffic is mobile and this will continue.
    • Full-width design for all devices.  Block design that sticks to a grid.
    • Menus built for a desktop, tablet and mobile device with off-canvas menus for mobile (i.e. they do not appear until you click an icon).
    • Consider vertical menus as those are coming into style again
    • Simplicity, Minimalism & Flat Design
    • Awesome photos, taglines, and text
    • Don’t put everything on a page, only what is needed
    • Clear typography and taglines (this never goes out of style)
    • Development
      • Scaled photos to only show photo size needed (and not pull down large photo)
      • Stacked design for modular content
      • Animations that enhance the design
      • Lazy loading of images and text, loads as you reach the area. This saves on bandwidth and provides a nice animation.
      • HTML 5 / CSS 3, but make sure a solution in place for old browsers.   Consider text shadows, transitions, animations, canvas, and forms.
      • jQuery functionality
      • HTML5 videos with background videos and images.  Videos can play on a background loop with content in the foreground to read.
      • Long page scroll (one-page design)
      • New web safe font from Google & Web Kit
  • SEO
    • It’s still all about Google results.
    • Rich snippets of data for content, authorship, and location
    • Local Listings – Get listed in all the proper local citations
    • Directories – Focus on the best and not spam or low-quality directories
    • Google – Focusing on ads, directories, Google local map (7 listings) and then search results.  Need to be in the local map for sure.
    • Speed, speed and more speed – speed matters for SEO
    • Compelling content that generates their own authority/links
    • Localization of search
    • Priority of Google+ authorship

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PaperStreet can assist clients with all of the ideas mentioned above. Get in touch with our sales department to learn more about our design and SEO packages.

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