Five Legal Marketing Promotions You Can Afford

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If you’re looking for new ways to expand your online marketing and are also on a budget, we’ve collected a list of deals and promotions going on. Some of these options are specific to the legal industry, but many are relevant to all types of businesses.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords doesn’t offer a wide variety of promotions, but they normally provide some type of credit for new advertisers. We’ve seen promotional e-mails ranging from $100-$150 credit when you spend the same amount. These promotions are normally sent directly to your e-mail. However, this coupon is offering $75 when you spend $25 and is valid for the entire year.

Creating a PPC campaign in general is an effective and budget friendly way to get more clients.  We offer pay-per-click advertising services that get results. We can help you gain new clients for as low as $50 per lead. For more information visit our PPC page and give us a call for a quote.




Best of the Web is a business directory that has been around since 1994. They are offering 50% of all web products until April 27th. This includes their web directory, local directory and trust seals. Use promo code 22YEARS at checkout to apply to your purchase.


Lawyers.com is a legal directory with a high domain authority and well-known name. Their free listings do not allow a backlink and contain very limited information. However, they also offer paid profiles that include a few additional perks. Right now they are offering a special deal exclusively for new customers referred by us. The package is $125 per month and includes the following:

  • Professional Profile on both www.Lawyers.com  and www.Martindale.com
  • Biographical Cross Reference in any city
  • Call Tracking: we provide a local telephone # to track conversions
  • Direct Website Link
  • Ask A Lawyer – ability to answer questions posed by potential clients

Lawyers.com’s normal rates are determined by a few factors, but range anywhere from $500-$1000 a month. To receive this deal contact Mary Lou Verona directly by phone: 908 771 8798.


Judy’s Book provides a directory of local businesses ranging in various industries. Their spring discount code will get you 20% off all yearly plans. Simply use the code “spring” at checkout.  This promotion is available until May 15, 2016.


Business.com offers information to grow your business. If you offer services for other businesses you could snag a listing for $50 off. Their regular listing price is $299 annually. To receive this discount use the referral code BL50H15 at checkout.

Other Recommended Listings

If you are looking for more paid options, but don’t mind paying full price, we wanted to mention a few additional options.

  • hg.org

    hg.org is a reputable legal resource site that offers free and paid listings. They never offer specific promotions for their listings and a paid listing will cost you $195 annually per location for a law firm listing. You can see the full details on their law firm pricing page. You can also visit their homepage to find out the other listings they offer.

  • City/County Associations

    If you can join a local association relevant to your industry, this could assist with networking and local rankings. These type of associations normally have annual fees and prices range depending on your title. Similarly, consider joining your local chamber of commerce or the Better Business Bureau.

Contact Us For All Your Legal Marketing Needs

If you aren’t sure where to start and are looking for more ways to expand your marketing, whether it be a new website, logo or SEO service, we can provide a quote for your project today. Contact us to get started.

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