Where Should I Expand My Internet Marketing?


February 9, 2017

It’s common for businesses to love the return on investment they’re receiving from Google AdWords and then want the next new shiny toy. Businesses and firms get bitten by the success bug and want to take on more marketing ventures to gain more leads and achieve more visibility. We often hear the question, “Where should I expand my internet marketing?” And we’re here to point you in the right direction.

Google AdWords Campaigns are Key

Before dabbling in Bing or Social, examine your Google AdWords campaigns closely. Review these two very important questions:

  • Have you fully maxed out the Google AdWords budget? Meaning, if you added budget to your campaigns, would your ads show more, get clicked on more and provide more conversions? More often than not, there’s room for a bigger spend and greater return.
  • What is the primary goal of expanding your marketing? This is a question that businesses don’t ask themselves often enough. If you simply want more leads, a paid campaign is going to do the trick. If the goal is branding or awareness, that’s where social could be the perfect fit. Know your goals before expanding.

Tell yourself, “If leads is what you want, max out all opportunities on Google AdWords first.” Always be as efficient as possible with your budget, make sure you can clearly see the return on investment and then, take on more.

Because Bing doesn’t have as high of a search volume as Google and has far fewer advertisers, the cost per click (CPC) tends to be significantly less than what you pay on Google. It’s the perfect transition if you’ve maxed out your AdWords efforts. You could mirror your campaigns, allocate about 15% additional of your PPC budget to Bing and just like that, you’ve utilized and likely dominated the two main search engines.

Ultimately, you want to make sure you’re fully utilizing the marketing efforts that give the best return on investment and help meet your business goals quickly and efficiently.

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