To Scroll or Not to Scroll? Law Firm Website Homepage Functions

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When designing your new website, following the latest scroll trends or keeping things traditional can have an impact on the users’ experience. Below I will be showcasing a few site designs that utilized scrolling to keep their visitors engaged, while others opted for no scroll at all to keep the user focused and unable to get lost in a sea of information. In most cases, the screenshots don’t do the site justice, so please be sure to click on the links to see the scrolling (or lack thereof) to get an idea of which option works best for your website design.

No Scrolling Homepage with a Powerful Message

Sometimes, displaying powerful messages in a slider is the way to go. This option keeps the user focused on options to access their needs without searching and scrolling endlessly.

PS Website Photo

Law Firm Website with no scrolling homepage

Law Firm Website with no scrolling homepage

Unique Full-Width Section Scroll

Beautiful transitions from one section to the next take a step outside of the traditional box for website scrolling features. These options bring a unique flair to the user’s visual experience.

Law Firm Website with Unique Full-Width Section Scroll

Law Firm Website with no scrolling homepage

Law Firm Website with no scrolling homepage

Traditional and Informational Scrolling

Getting your message across is sometimes easier said than done. So, with a traditional scrolling style, the real estate for your message can be endless. While it is not suggested that your user scrolls forever, in some cases, it is an effective way to visually speak to your user. Below are some great examples that display creative and animated longer scrolling homepages.

Law Firm Website with Traditional Scrolling

Law Firm Website with no scrolling homepage

Law Firm Website with no scrolling homepage

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