How to Take a Screenshot with Free Tools

A single red question mark stands out among a multitude of gray question marks arranged in rows, on a white background.

A great way to explain issues you may be having or an update you need is to take a screenshot. You can even make notes or add arrows to better explain any issues / updates needed.

There are many ways to take a screenshot — a quick Google search will show you different programs you can use). Below are two free ways to take screenshots that our team recommends . 

Option 1: TechSmith Capture (Jing) 

This program creates a link that you can easily share.

Download Jing

You will need to create an account and sign in. Make the password something you remember because it may log you off from time to time.

Once downloaded on your computer, find the capture icon. You can also search your computer for the program if you are unable to locate it.

The application will open and allow you to select the area you would like to take a screenshot of. 

A screen capture tool window with a red "Capture" button labeled "Shift+F11." At the bottom, there is an option to "Show Upload Queue" and a settings icon.

Press the camera button and then save the screenshot or upload to get the link. Once you have the link, you can share it and your screenshot can be viewed. 

Toolbar with icons for a camera, video, dimensions 709 by 459, refresh, and close. A red arrow points to the camera icon.
Screenshot of a webpage from PaperStreet offering services in web design, SEO, and internet marketing for law firms. The screen highlights options to save, delete, copy, or upload with a red arrow pointing to the upload button.
Screenshot showing a notification that an upload is complete. The link to the media was copied to the clipboard, with options to copy, open, close, or continue editing.

How to Take a Video Using Jing

You can also take a video once you have Jing on your computer. 

Screenshot of a user interface showing options for capturing an image, capturing a video, a size dimension of 626 x 380, a refresh button, and a close button. A red arrow points to the video capture icon.
Screenshot of a screen recording tool. A red arrow labeled "Press to start" points to a red circle button. Other icons include a crossed-out eye, a microphone, speaker, dimensions (626x380), a rotate icon, and an X button.

Once finished, press “Upload” when the box appears and you will be presented with the same options as above. Paste the link as needed. 

The following is for Windows users (depending on which version of Windows you have).

Option 2: Snipping Tool

The snipping tool is a great free resource available on your PC. Although it is not a link that can be shared, you can save the file and reference it in an email, slack, etc. 

To locate, search your computer for the snipping tool.

Icon of the Snipping Tool application with a pair of blue scissors and a red-bordered square. The text "Snipping Tool" is displayed beside it on a dark blue background.
A screenshot of the Snipping Tool application with a red arrow pointing to the "New" button, indicating where to click to start a new snip.

Once you have the area selected, save it to your desktop.

Shift Windows Key + S

This is a shortcut to the snipping tool. It is a faster way to take a screenshot if you don’t have any markup to add.

The screenshot will then usually be stored in your screenshots folder after you have selected the area.

A file explorer window showing a nested folder structure: Folders, Pictures, Camera Roll, Saved Pictures, and Screenshots. The Screenshots folder is highlighted.

Screenshots are a great way to share ideas, issues, and questions. Above are just a few of the many ways to take screenshots on your computer.

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