5 Quotes That Will Make You Rethink Your Social Media Strategy

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Posting

Quotes to Inspire Your Social Media Strategy

Social media can easily be used in the wrong way. After reading numerous articles on social media and the various strategies others recommend, I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of some of the best advice and quotes I have read. Many people think that as a business they should use social media as another place to market their product or service, but this is not the core function of social media. Here is some insight from various sources on how businesses should really use these networking websites.

  • “Social media is not a marketing medium. It is a social medium. Posting something like “Considering a divorce? Call us — we can help!” is so ridiculous. For one thing, nobody comes to Twitter or Facebook to read stuff like that. Online, nobody has to listen to anyone they don’t want to. If you want people to listen, you have to be interesting. People don’t have Facebook accounts just so you can show up and brag about yourself any more than they go to an ice cream social with their family hoping that you will come up and talk about your business, and leave a card.” (Source: Lawyerist.com)
  • “You’re not amassing followers and readers with the hope that some of them will call you for legal advice one day. You should be making connections with other thought leaders in your practice area and relevant industries so that when they know of someone in need, they can refer to you as a credible source.” (Source: Mashable.com)
  • “Some businesses talk too much on social media. This comes across as “spamvertisement,” and their fans tune out. If a proverbial tree (your content) falls in the woods (into the newsfeed) but nobody cares, did it really happen?” (Source: Forbes)
  • “Rather than push, push, push, you need to turn social media marketing on its ear. Use these channels to build a robust system to offer customer service and to reach out to your target audience. Your social media marketing must be about your customers, not your company. Your updates should be focused on what you can do for your customers or clients, not what they can do for you.” (Source: Winson Yeung)
  • “Activate your fans. Don’t just collect them like baseball cards” – Jay Baer

The general theme here is to build relationships. Do not use social media as a commercial, advertisement space, or soapbox. Use it to research your audience, share interesting ideas, discuss relevant topics, and offer value to those who you engage with. Communicating with others and using these networking sites in the proper way will require time, but in order to see any benefit at all, taking the extra time is necessary. It is never a good idea to post for the sake of posting. Doing so is worse than not posting anything at all. The questions in the photo at the beginning of this blog are excellent questions to ask yourself before posting to social media. If you cannot answer yes to these questions, your post is most likely not worth sharing.

Do you have any great advice or a unique perspective on how social media should be utilized? Let us know in the comment section below.

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