Four Cool Resources to Help You Achieve Your Social Media Goals

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Take Your Social Accounts to the Next Level with These Awesome Resources

Every week the PaperStreet team gathers for a Cool Meeting. In our Cool Meeting we discuss neat things going on in web development, design, content and marketing. We share funny videos, cool resources and helpful plugins.

The Cool Meeting has proven to be an opportunity to investigate different methods of doing things in the office and serves as a nice break from our work.

We recently caught up on all of our cool material from over the holidays and noticed a trend—social media resources.

Take a look at some of the websites we discovered. We think all of them serve an important purpose in achieving your social media goals.


This website spits out information that relates to your Google+ profile. Search for a keyword in the top right navigation bar and see if your firm or business appears in the results. If it doesn’t you need to create more posts with the keyword.

Twtrland is similar to  You can search any keyword or phrase and see how your firm or company stacks up against the competition. This is also a good tool for locating resources.


This is a website that you may not have heard of, but can improve your search engine optimization rankings.  Quora is a question-answer website that acts as a kind-of forum. Questions range from “what is it like to work at an elite law firm?” to “how much do California personal injury attorneys make a year?

Answering questions renders a strong backlink to your website. The more questions you answer, the more links you get, which helps boost traffic to your site. Try it out—you have nothing to lose.


Canva allows users with no design knowledge to make graphics. Their drag and drop software allows users to easily change colors, add lines, change background photos and apply text art. Best of all … it’s all FREE. If you decide to use the signature elements (fanicer photos and graphics) they are just $1.00 each.

Check out these posts we made on our Twitter page using Canva’s design software:

Social Media and You

It is easy to forget about social media, but your presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest is vital to your web presence, not to mention your SEO campaign.  Give your social media some love this week.

Give your social media some love this week.


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