How to Run a SEO Campaign for a Law Firm

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This is our five-step method for achieving SEO and internet marketing success. A lot of factors and time goes into each of these steps, but this is the process:

  1. Research. Do keyword phrase research. Start with the largest possible keyword phrase and work down to the level where you can possibly compete. See our article on how to do keyword research in only 3 minutes (Come on, you have three minutes to spare!)
  2. On-Page Optimization. Make sure your site has proper Title Tags, content, internal linking, sitemaps, robots.txt, and a whole ton of other checks. Check out our long checklist of things to do.
  3. Content Planning. Have a plan to publish. Put someone in charge of publishing content. This is the most critical step. Make sure you are publishing regularly.
  4. Authority Building. Have a plan to build links to your site from social media, partners, directories, vendors, articles, other blogs, media, press releases and more. The more interesting content you produce, the easier it is to build authority. People will link for free to relevant content.
  5. Analytics, Reporting, Testing & Review. Review your site monthly or at least quarterly and improve. Make sure to sign up for Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and a keyword tracking service like, RavenTools, or something similar.

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