Did You Get High Rankings & Traffic, But Still No Inquiries?


Let’s clear up one myth right off the bat: High rankings equal instant clients. Nope. No. Ni. Non. Nein. Double No.

High rankings are part of the overall process. Yes, you do need to rank high to be found. About 90 percent of all users only use Page 1 of search. That means page two through infinity don’t matter. Further, most studies show that better than 60 percent of people click on one of the first three links.

As you can see, if you are not on top, you are not found. Your goal should be a top ranking for your core practice areas and geographic areas. That is for starters, though. Let’s check out some common issues.

I have top rankings but no traffic.

You are probably targeting the wrong phrases. You are targeting terms that no one searches for. Rerun your keyword phrase research and make sure you are targeting terms that have enough traffic. Most of the time, in this scenario you will find that people simply are not searching for what you think they are.

I have top rankings and traffic, but no inquiries.

Sorry, your site sucks. Perhaps it is slow, outdated or disorganized – characteristics that people will then assign to your firm overall. Perhaps people can’t easily find your contact information. Have a web team review your site. Do some user testing, and see what the issue is. Sometimes small changes can make a huge difference. Overall, your SEO program is still reliant on having a good website.

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