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Do I Need a Contact Page on my Website?

Yes, absolutely. The contact page is the appropriate place to list the main address, phone, email and fax number for the office. It is also the most common place for your contact form to live. The contact page can share valuable information with your user. See the specific suggestions below.

Do I Need a Contact Form on my Website?

Yes, you should have a contact form on your website. While there are exceptions to every rule, it is definitely a best practice to include a contact form on your website and to suggest otherwise would have to be an extreme circumstance.

The better question to ask is, “how prominent do I want a contact form on my website?” The answer to this question is usually one extreme or the other. If your goal is conversions, your contact form should be up front and center and on many of the subpages.

If your firm website serves more as a brochure and conversions and phone calls are not a priority, a form only on the Contact page will suffice.

What Should I Write About on my Contact Page?

Your contact form can (and sometimes should) feature more than the basic contact information. At a minimum, make sure users can get ahold of you and include:

  • The main office address
  • Alternative/satellite office locations or addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Fax numbers (if applicable)
  • Google map

The page can also feature more detailed copy. The following is a list of writing topics that you can include on your contact page.

  • Driving directions – if they can take public transportation, include this information as well
  • Business hours – be sure to specify if you offer scheduled meetings after hours
  • Parking instructions – including the name of the building, parking garage and any additional fees it might cost for clients to park and visit your office
  • Images and video of the office – these can help clients locate the building easily when they are visiting for the first time
  • Related attorneys – list the attorneys who work in each office location
  • History – provide historical information about the city, building or neighborhood
  • Partnerships – share the logos and icons for any community partners of the firm
  • Local resources – share information about the local courthouse, government websites, local complimentary services, etc.
  • Statistics – list statistics for the area related to crime, traffic, accidents or tourism
  • Reviews/testimonials – share quotes from clients who’ve worked with your team in that specific office location

Do I Need a Page for Every Office Location?

Yes, it is recommended for each office to have its own page with the contact information for that specific office. For example, Forman Watkins & Krutz LLP is a law firm with five office locations. The main contact page has each office location.

The image above is an example of a contact page with multiple office locations.


Each office location then has a unique page that details the specific information for that office, which is the setup that is suggested. If you have 10 office locations, you will have 10 office detail pages.


The image above is an example of a detail contact page.

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