Contact Forms – Best Practices for Law Firms


Many law firms include a contact form in their law firm web design.   Below are a few best practices for web contact forms.


Keep your form as short as possible.  Try to just ask for name, number and phone.  If needed, also ask about their case.  The more fields you include, the more likely the reader will stop filling out the form.


Don’t ask for every detail of the case.  You are likely going to call the person back.  Ask them questions on the phone and keep the form short (see above).

Above the Fold

Contact forms above the fold are more likely to be filled out.  “Above the fold” is an industry term that refers to the browser’s viewable area when the site loads.  Also, try out contact forms on the sidebars, footer and even pop-up overlays.


Always have a confirmation page.  Let the user know when and how you are going to respond.  The confirmation page is great time to set expectations regarding your contact method, speed and qualifications.

Call People Back

People are eager to get in touch with you.  Call them back the same hour if possible, definitely same day.  If you wait several days, they most likely have moved on to another firm.

Assure the User

Assure the user what you are going to do with their information.  Have a privacy policy and subscription policy, and do not spam the user after gaining their initial trust.

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