Best Practices for Contact Form Confirmation & Thank You Pages

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Take Advantage of You Thank You & Confirmation Pages

You have now received a contact form, great!  Did you use the opportunity to help impress your potential client?  Or did you simply state:

“Thank you for contacting our firm, we will be in touch with you within 24 hours.”

A confirmation page is an excellent opportunity to provide more detailed information about your firm.  At a bare minimum you should provide:

  1. What to Expect Next – A few paragraphs or sentences about what to expect. Try answering these questions: How you will contact them? When you will contact them? If there is an emergency where they should call you? Obviously, you need to contact them by a set date. You should also include information on your signing process and explain forms to bring to the initial office visit.
  2. Contact Information – You should list your contact information again.  Maybe they want to call you immediately.

More advanced confirmation pages will link users to:

  1. Resources on their website – Links to additional information and relevant pages on your website.
  2. Downloads – More information that the user can download about the law or particular practice area that they are contacting about.  You could offer an eBook, Brochure, webinar, free product, event registration, notifications, or perhaps even a set time to call back.
  3. Reviews, Social Media, and other Press Mentions – Give the user a good feeling that they contacted the right firm with positive press mentions.

Even better sites will get users to:

  1. Signup for a Newsletter – Capture the email address and start emailing on your next mailout.
  2. Social – Get the user to follow on Social Media (FB, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+).
  3. Survey – Get the user to fill out a survey about your website for valuable insights.

In short, don’t just have a one-sentence confirmation or thank you page.  Instead, turn your boring contact page into a resource and provide more information. Take a look at the PaperStreet confirmation page below (PS: We made the highlighting to point out the features of the page).

PaperStreet Confirmation Page

After a user submits his or her contact information, the confirmation page provides a phone number for immediate assistance, social media links for additional exploration and a form prompting them to sign-up for our newsletter. This form extends the user’s experience on the web.


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