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The end of February marked the  arrival of two new features in the social media world that are worth noting.

The first new feature is Facebook’s Timeline for Business Pages. Timeline is the newest layout and design configuration update to Facebook, allowing users to brand their page to be more unique by showcasing important news and using a main cover photo. Additionally, Business Pages permit users to reorganize their highlighted material so specific subpages (Page Apps) can easily be found and displayed. Admittedly, the new layout and design is going to take some time to adjust to but it is a new step in the progression of Facebook and worth monitoring. We have updated our PaperStreet Page to Timeline. We will be offering this update to our existing clients and it will be part of our Level 2 package of our social media campaigns.

The second social media update that has emerged within the last couple months is the value of Pinterest for businesses. Pinterest.com is a pinboard-style social photo sharing website. Pinterest.com is the latest (and fastest) growing social network to arise in our world of technology. Still in its infancy, Pinterest.com does not integrate with Facebook Business Pages (only personal pages) and has yet to integrate with third party communication dashboards like Hootsuite.com. Nonetheless, our PaperStreet Pinterest page has launched. Follow along as we showcase more pinned sites in the near future.

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