Why NOT to Use Your Own Email to Send Bulk Email

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Email marketing is effective. It can deliver instant results.

However, there are many pitfalls when sending emails out to your list. The three big issues that we have encountered when clients try to send bulk email from Outlook or their standard email application are:

  1. Sending out poorly formatted emails, thereby ruining your brand.
  2. You could spam people and thereby get blacklisted as a spammer. Then you can’t send any legitimate emails!”  Ugh, your IT person will love you.
  3. Clients don’t get their emails actually delivered, therefore your message is not actually read/received.

If you want to send out bulk/mass emails, even if to your own clients/friends, we highly recommend using a service such as:

The good news is the cost of these services is very minimal, as low as $10
per month. Sounds too good to be true, but it is real cheap and effective.

Moreover, they have many distinct advantages from sending it
from Outlook or your email application. The advantages of using a service
for sending out bulk email is the following:

  1. Delivery Rates will be Much Higher
  2. No Blacklisting of your main email
  3. Delivery Reports & Opening Reports
  4. Tracking of Results
  5. Template Designs for Better Conversion and Branding
  6. 1-to-1 Sending (No BCC: or CC: Required)
  7. Easy to Use System
  8. No Headaches
  9. Complies with CAN-SPAM Federal Law
  10. Cost Effective Solution
  11. Your emails are formatted nicely
  12. Your emails are tested in all email applications with standard templates

So there you go. Use a service to send out bulk emails, get higher delivery results, get a better brand, and get better results. Oh yeah, don’t get listed as a spammer.

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2 Responses to Why NOT to Use Your Own Email to Send Bulk Email

  1. Adam
    8:50 am on June 25th, 2009

    Getting people to understand the importance of not using their primary email accounts and domain to send bulk type email is critical. One of the issues we address is the pros and cons of using a bulk service provider vs. using a dedicated email server. Depending on a company’s volume, frequency and bulk email history, a dedicated email server can not only save money but may also provide increased flexibility. Specifically, it may not be feasible or desireable for a company to manage list(s) remotely using a third party application. Using a dedicated email server, lists can continue to be managed internally or on an existing application server. The only difference is the smtp goes through the third party email server.

  2. @HMS_Miami
    8:30 am on September 25th, 2009

    Email Marketing – Why NOT to Use Your Own Email to @peteboyd

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