The Easy Way to Manage your Mobile Website Content

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Your website’s Content Management System, such as WordPress or Total Control, can also be used to manage the content for a mobile version of your website. In fact, you can use the same content that your regular site uses.

A newly designed mobile theme can act as a simplified framework around the same text content. Why do you need a mobile version of your site, you might ask? Page load times are cut down because of the slower download speeds, and the dimensions/layout are designed for a smaller screen. ” Buttons are enlarged so the visitor to your site doesn’t end up yelling and shaking their fists at their touch screen’s disobedience.

Total Control – Using Existing Content for a Mobile Site

When we design a mobile site for clients that are in Total Control, we create a design that has the same branding elements as the main site: logo, colors, button styles, etc. The home page is the most customized, with a navigation to point visitors to only what’s important to someone on a mobile phone.

When using your main site’s content in a mobile site, we do the following behind-the-scenes:

  • Remove certain things from the body content before it’s displayed on the site. This could be stripping out flash or images that don’t work in the mobile context. (PHP)
  • Resizing images that are too large. (CSS)
  • Adding a “NoIndex” meta tag. Because we are using the same content, we do not want Google to index duplicate content. (HTML)
  • Many pages are way too long, and would involve a lot of scrolling. Read more links are automatically inserted after a certain number of characters, to the nearest word. The content past the limit is hidden and will expand when Read More is pressed. (PHP/JavaScript).

Total Control – Custom Mobile Content

Using completely unique content for your mobile site is also an option. In Total Control, we would set up a mobile content category that would be excluded from the main site’s navigation. Any pages added or removed under this category would be reflected immediately on the mobile site.

Mobile Sites in WordPress

To quickly get a mobile version of your WordPress site up and running, you can install a plugin such as WordPress Mobile Pack. Initially you can use the default themes, or some free mobile themes that are available on the web. If you would like your site’s mobile theme to match your site, contact us today. Read more on our Mobile Web Design page.

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