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The following is a quick guide on how to setup a WordPress Blog on a Windows 2003 server.

1. Install a MySQL Database.
Login to the MySQL Administrator, click on Catalogs, right mouse click and select New Schema. Then simply name the schema something like wordpress_blogname.

Next you need to add a new administrative user to the database. Click on User Administration. Select New User and give the user a name and password. Click on the Schema Privileges tab and find the new database schema and add the privileges you want to assign.
2. ”  Download Latest Build of WordPress
Download WordPress from www.wordpress.org. Unzip all the files in the wordpress folder to an appropriate directory. If you want it to be its own site, then set it up as such. If you want it to be a directory under a site, then add it as a folder under the site you are installing it under.

3. Edit your Config File
Edit your wp-config-sample.php file to have the correct database name, username, and password.

4. Open up WordPress
Open up wordpress at either the full domain like http://www.blog.com or your subdomain http://blog.website.com, or your subfolder http://www.website.com/blog. Put in your blog name, email address and then remember the password they give you.

5. Install your Plugins
Optimal Title
Search Pages
Subscribe 2 (modified)
Subscribe Me
Wordpress Database Backup

6. Set Your Options
wpPHPmailer will need to be modified so you can receive email. Most of the other plugins just need to be integrated into the design. I also recommend removing and adding some automatic ping requests. Finally change your password and start posting.

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