T-Shirt Design By The PaperStreet Team

A white, rounded square logo with an abstract S-shaped design on a gradient blue and purple background.

Every month, the PaperStreet team gathers to do something fun in the name of team building. This month we designed t-shirts about web design, SEO and web development. Jillian, our Creative Director, brought in her t-shirt press and we did the whole thing right from the office.

Check out our designs below (some of the dark ones are hard to see, our apologies).


A display of various colorful graphic t-shirts laid out on a white surface, each featuring different humorous and nerdy text and designs by The PaperStreet Team.


A table displays ten colorful graphic t-shirts with various humorous and text-based designs and messages created by The PaperStreet Team.


Five people standing indoors, each holding up a different t-shirt with various designs and texts by the PaperStreet Team, smiling at the camera. A whiteboard with writing is visible in the background.


Which one is your favorite?

The team voted, and by a landslide Ashley’s, “Your Google Place Or Mine?” t-shirt was the winner.


A woman wearing glasses and a green top holds up a blue shirt with "Your Google Place or Mine?" written on it, a T-shirt design by the PaperStreet Team. She also displays several medals. A whiteboard with writing is visible in the background.

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