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The Coronavirus and resulting stay-at-home orders transformed a large majority of America’s workforce into telecommuters. The shift created a host of new issues for employees in all fields of work. Pets and children crashed Zoom conferences. Spouses had to learn how to share offices. Production slowed down and budgets were tightened. The new work environment led to stress-filled conflicts nationwide — with a bit of humor mixed in, as well.  

PaperStreet, like most other companies, was also affected by COVID-19 changes. Interestingly, a third of our employees were already remote workers, but the challenges impacted everyone. 

This post is meant to be a stress-relieving resource for our attorney clients; as well as the other businesses we help. Read on to learn what we suggest to get through the new challenges of working from home and also some bits of humour to brighten your day as we all wait for the strains of COVID-19 to lessen. 

The Top Products or Resources You Need to Make Telecommuting More Bearable: 

  • – Suki, Project Management Team Lead
  • A standing desk (snoozing pup optional), dedicated desk, have “work” login on  my laptop, keep my workspace clean and as clutter-free as possible – Sydny, Content Associatehome office
  • Calm app white noise – 40% off for the pandemic – Allison, Legal Content Director
  • Invest in a comfortable pair of headphones. I personally recommend this model.  Great for outdoor activities as well. – Karim, Web Developer
  • Celsius energy drinks. Wish I were kidding. – Elyssa, Creative Director
  • For fun learning for the kids: Allan, Quality Assurance 
  • Another option for communication with friends and family – Chris, Lead Support Developer
  • Dual monitors are a must have for your at home workspace. Once you try it out you will never be able to work on one screen again. I strongly believe it helps you be more productive. Also, make sure you have a good desk and chair that is ergonomic. — David, Technical SEO Manager

Our Top 5 Productivity Tips

home officeOutdoor setup with two laptops on a wooden picnic table, a pair of headphones, a colorful mouse pad, and a drink. The table is near a lake surrounded by trees.A small home office with a glass desk, computer, keyboard, mouse, pink chairs, a bookshelf with decorative items, a window with sheer curtains, and wall art.

  1. Stand up and walk around once per hour. Stretch and do breathing exercises as needed. – Andrew, Vice President/Web Director
  2. You can separate work from home on Google Chrome with different accounts. Sync history, bookmarks, passwords etc and switch between them easily. – Sergio, Jr. Developer
  3. Using your lunch break to exercise and get fresh air helps make your afternoon more productive. -Amanda, Project Manager
  4. Designate an area of your home to be your “office”, and explain to family members and roommates that you are on the clock when in that area. Once you finish with work, leave your office for the day so that it is exclusively a work area. – Jason, PPC Manager
  5. With Amazon not able to deliver anything within a week, try local. Instacart rocks for same-day delivery at Publix. So does Shipit with Target (same-day). Saves time and helps you focus on other priorities, like drinking the wine you ordered. – Pete, Founder and General Guru of PaperStreet

catA tabby cat lies stretched out on a wooden floor in the sunlight beneath a shelf with various electronic devices.A dog lying on a bed with a cactus-patterned duvet wears a pair of black headphones around its head.

The Highs and Lows of Working from Home 

  • A positive about working from home is being able to take a quick nap on the couch during your lunch break, even if that nap is only 30 seconds because your toddler wants you – Ashley, SEO Link Building Manager
  • When my apartment building’s (VERY loud) fire alarm went off mid-morning … – Chelsea, SEO and Social Media Associate
  • A lack of diaper availability as a result of COVID-19 forced me to jump-start potty training my toddler. It was relatively painless! – Nancy, SEO Content Manager
  • Waiting three minutes for Google Ads to load on a client call while all of your neighbors are hogging the internet to watch Tiger King. – Jason, PPC Manager
  • All decor decisions made for my office aren’t for me, they are so my dog will want to hang out with me. – Sydny, Content Associate
  • You never realize just how much time your neighbors spend (loudly) mowing the lawn until you have to work from home. – Amanda, Project Manager
  • Shortening your work commute from 45 minutes to 45 seconds. – Drew, PPC Associate
  • I learned my husband is the guy that says “let’s circle back” in a meeting. – Allison, Legal Content Director

A man in a dark t-shirt and jeans is doing a pull-up using a pull-up bar installed in a doorway. He is smiling and the room appears to be a home setting.

PaperStreet’s Marketing Advice for Law Firms During COVID-19 

Humor aside, the PaperStreet team understands how business and law firms are struggling in these unprecedented times. We’ve posted several blogs to give our clients SEO, PPC, Content and Legal Marketing advice. We also offer the following tips:

  • Keep producing content — some related to COVID-19 topics and some material about your core practices areas — in order to catch the eyes of potential clients. One of our clients ranked number 1 in the entire state, in less than 24 hours, by posting user-friendly Coronavirus content. – Nancy, SEO Content Manager
  • It’s okay to have (and publish) an opinion regarding recent executive orders that limit liability for certain healthcare providers against COVID-19 claims. A blog post outlining your thoughts, or the opinion of the firm, has great potential for increased engagement online. (Just be sure you verbalize your message in a way that doesn’t vilify healthcare providers.) – Allison, Legal Content Director
  • Make sure to post any important updates about the firm on your social media pages and Google My Business Listing to notify clients you are still open or if there are any changes they should be aware of – Ashley, SEO Link Manager

PaperStreet is fully operational and here to answer any questions you may have about your current campaign or how to start one during a pandemic. Give us a call and let us help.

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