Status Updates You Can Steal & Post Right Now … Seriously

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Status Updates Just For You

Everyone on our team – designers, writers, SEO experts and our salesman — are constantly telling clients they need to post more often to their social media accounts. There is no doubt we sound like broken records.

Today we are making your life a little easier.  Right now — right this second — you can update your accounts with some of the status posts below. Or, alter them to be your own (which we would, of course, recommend).

Seriously … choose your favorite (or all of them!) and post away. Engage your audience today. If you are reading this line you have no excuse not to.

  • Meet [insert attorney name], an [insert occupation … pst … is you are SEO savvy use a keyword here][Attorney name] joined [firm name] in [year joined][He/She] enjoys [insert hobbies][Add a link to the attorney’s profile]
  • What was your first job? Do you remember what you were paid?
  • Did you know that you can file to receive compensation for emotional suffering and lost wages? Find out more [insert link to blog].
  • [Insert type of law you practice] law can be tricky. We’ve defined some terms for you. [Insert link to glossary on your blog]
  • The weather is [great/horrible] today in [insert office location]. Our view: [insert picture of the view from your window – a quick photo on the phone is all you need]
  • “Ignorance of the law excuses no man from practicing it.”
  • Have no legal fear, [insert firm name] is here. Schedule a free consultation with us today. [Insert the link to your Contact page]

Happy posting!

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