Quoted in the News? Get the Most Out of the Free Press

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Take Advantage of Free Press

Legal professionals are in hot demand as newspaper resources. For decades, journalists have turned to lawyers when a local story breaks that has a legal angle. As a legal professional, it is an opportunity you should be excited about. So, when you snag the interview and the article is published what do you do? You should absolutely take advantage of the positive PR, but it can be difficult to create additional marketing materials out of the original article.

A client of ours was recently in this position when his law firm was quoted in a local newspaper article about a national political figure who is getting tons of coverage on a local and national level. Our editors put their brains together to develop a list of ideas to help push the original article and the positive publicity that followed:

  • Create a follow-up blog post for your own site, expanding on the issue at hand (PDF the original article and add it to the post)
  • Create a press release and submit it to your local channels (if applicable)
  • Explain the court case (or whatever the legal issue is) in detail in your own article and provide the original documents and briefs
  • Create an infographic outlining all the numbers in the article (no design experience needed, try Canva – it’s free and easy)
  • Record a video interview further discussing the issue and your legal opinion of it
  • Share the original press on all of your social media accounts with the appropriate hashtags
  • Create a report on the topic and submit the material to other local news outlets (don’t forget about local bloggers)
  • Write an Op-Ed piece and submit it to all the local newspapers
  • Pull out strong quotes in the article and create images for easy sharing on social outlets (again, check out Canva)
  • Search Twitter and Instagram to discover what hashtags that are trending about the topic
  • Update the News & Publications section of your website (if applicable)
  • Update your biography (if applicable)



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