Get Free SEO Data with These Awesome Search Tools

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Dominate Google with These Free Tools

Free SEO Data

There are many programs available that you can pay for to get results about keyword research. However, there are some favorites that don’t require a subscription. Lucky for you, we have compiled them below!

We think these three tools are pretty self-explanatory. You can use them to get a basic idea about popular search terms and trending topics without being an SEO expert, or breaking the bank.

SEO Review Tools

You type in a keyword and location and this website spits out a chart suggesting keyword growth and suggestions, including synonyms and secondary keywords. Plus, you can export the data to Excel. Check out SEO Review Tools.


Google Trends

Click the “Explore in Depth” link at the top right. Then add a keyword to see information about the term popularity over time, regional interest and related searches. Plus the landing page here is a helpful way to stay current on trending topics. Check out Google Trends.

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