Best Examples of Law Firm Internet Marketing Design Practices

A white, rounded square logo with an abstract S-shaped design on a gradient blue and purple background.

There are quite a few strategies to keep in mind when designing websites. The team at PaperStreet uses the following strategies on a regular basis. Check out our favorite examples:

Large Photos

Most modern homepage designs have very large, high quality photos that reflect industries, practice areas, firm culture, locations, and/or a creative concept.


 View of an office with large windows overlooking a garden and text describing business planning and organization services offered by Lyons Dougherty. Discover the best examples of law firm internet marketing design practices, complete with navigation links and contact information.


Testimonials & Reviews

Feature your clients’ testimonials, Google Plus ratings, and other reviews high up on the page in an area that draws attention and helps users see what service or results the firm has provided.


Screenshot of a webpage from Seltzer & Associates Disability Insurance Lawyers, showcasing best examples of law firm internet marketing design practices. An image of a doctor holding a stethoscope and text saying "WHEN YOUR HANDS ARE TIED, WE'VE GOT YOUR BACK. MEET OUR ATTORNEYS.


Featuring video in the main billboard area is a quick way to get a user to know your firm’s differentiating factors.


Screenshot of the Brown Moore & Associates website showcasing attorneys, contact numbers, a free case evaluation button, and various case types like medical negligence and railroad/vehicle incidents – an example of Best Practices in Law Firm Internet Marketing Design.


Illustrations, in the form of icons, can be used to highlight your key factors or bullet point features. This helps users quickly identify which topic is important to them and read more about it.


Image showing the homepage of Herman Law, a firm specializing in representing victims of sexual abuse. The layout exemplifies Best Examples of Law Firm Internet Marketing Design Practices, featuring a photo of a man in a suit, contact information, and mentions of free consultations and significant case verdicts.

Large Call to Action 

Display phone number and any important action copy at the top of the website, such as, “Same day returned phone calls.”


Website screenshot for 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund Claims, showcasing top-tier law firm internet marketing design practices with statistics like $75 million recovered for clients, 35,000 people in lower Manhattan may qualify, and $7.3 billion available for cancer victims.

Contact Form 

Forms should be a bright color, with a simple call to action at the top of the form such as, “Get a free consultation. Fill out our form below.” Don’t let your form disappear or blend on the page with poorly designed fields and font choices.


        Screenshot of the Pankauski Hauser website for a Florida law firm focusing on estates and probate litigation, featuring a contact form for free consultation and a live chat option—showcasing some of the best examples of law firm internet marketing design practices.

Recognition / Accolades 

Feature awards logos or badges, as well as recognitions your firm has received, each year. Formatting them in a nice grid system offers a clean and organized look.

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