Why Updating Your Law Firm Blog is Important…Especially Now

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With all that has taken place throughout the world over the past year and several months, you may be wondering if there is an appropriate way for you to continue marketing yourself and/or your firm while remaining sensitive to current events.

The short answer is yes.  

It is just as important to keep your law firm’s services on the minds of those who may need them as it is not to appear “money-hungry” or “case chasing” during these unprecedented times. So, how can you do that? Keep your blogs updated with relevant, helpful information that will keep your clients’ (and potential clients’) interests.

Keep in Mind: Legal Issues Are Still Occurring During the Pandemic

In the early stages of the pandemic, numerous stay-at-home orders were issued throughout the country. As a result, some law firms decided to shut down entirely during that time, while others chose to remain open for current and new clients. Depending on the type of practice, smaller firm owners likely felt it made more sense to close, as they would not be receiving any calls from potential clients. Still, those firms neglected to consider the amount of time people had on their hands during the quarantine mandates and stay-home orders.

Online traffic during the pandemic increased dramatically, particularly since numerous employees were told to work from home and many children were required to school from home. People who typically worked from home were already used to the so-called new “work bubble,” so everything was business as usual. However, for those who were used to face-to-face interactions with their work buddies, work husbands, and the like, the situation was beyond awful. For sure, concentration levels increased and decreased throughout the day. So, what did these newfound telecommuters do to help pass the time while they were supposed to be “working?” They browsed the internet.

Undoubtedly, many recipes were saved and printed, and numerous how-to videos were downloaded and viewed. And you guessed it, those who had legal issues (or had friends with legal issues) took to the various search engines for help with things such as fighting their traffic tickets, beating a DUI charge, or seeking compensation for a car accident that wasn’t their fault. So yes, that was the perfect time for you and your firm to rise to the occasion and be there for your potential clients who had more online time than ever.

Some law offices stayed open, but they had to learn how to operate in this new remote world. Accordingly, a great deal of money, time, and effort was spent learning more about various communication platforms like Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime. Unfortunately, however, some law firms forgot about the communication methods that were already in place pre-pandemic – namely, their blog.

Blogging Has Always Been and Always Will Be Important No Matter What

Over the years, you have likely heard about the importance of blogging to keep your clients interested in what you do and how you can help them. However, you probably are also well aware that it is not enough to simply throw some words on a webpage and think that will suffice, as some blogs capture an audience’s attention better than others. So, if you have a blog already in place, why lose your momentum? More eyes have been on screens for months now, so why not give them something valuable to see?

Your Blog Will Show Them You’ve Got What It Takes

If you have years of experience helping accident victims and their families get the compensation they need and deserve, let the world know! Successful attorneys tend to shout it from the rooftops in one form or another. If you are not into doing commercials or radio spots, let your blog speak for you. You can add information that discusses your recent successes and provide your readers with a more personal touch by explaining some of those situations and how you may help them if their current issues are similar. Making readers feel like they have a friend in the business is always a plus and can do wonders for your firm’s marketing efforts.

This, Too, Shall Pass and Things Will Slowly Return to Some Form of Normal

We are starting to see signs of a return to so-called normalcy. Some states have decided to start opening their offices again, and more people are getting out and about now that many restrictions have been lifted, and folks are on the move and making things happen once again. But, unfortunately, in some areas, this has meant a rise in accident rates, crime, and all types of other situations that will no doubt require the need for a competent attorney.

For the firms who kept their marketing campaign and blogging updated, some of those individuals may quickly recall a commercial they heard or a blog they read of an attorney who handles the type of situation they are currently facing. And of course, they will be the first firm they will call because of that. 

You, too, can be on that potential client’s mind if you take the time to get your blog up to date with helpful and current information. Show your readers and potential clients that you have the expertise needed to resolve their issues in the best way possible. Demonstrating your experience through your blog will give those in need of help the confidence to want to call your office and speak to you directly. Showing that you have a personal connection with them will go a long way toward boosting your marketing efforts and doing what you love most – helping people.

Out With the Old, In With the New

If you have a blog, but the last entry showing was from 2018, you are long overdue for an update. And yes, we know that attorneys are busy with other things, such as handling cases and keeping the firm afloat during the pandemic. Still, it is crucial for you to have current and accurate information for your readers. An easy way to make that happen is to browse through some of your prior blogs to see if anything has changed since they were posted. Laws change, situations vary and some of your blogs could likely use a quick fine-tuning to show that you are in the know and on top of changes within your profession. 

A refresh to a blog can be extremely helpful to your overall marketing strategy, and it will work to keep readers and possible clients interested in your services.

You Don’t Have to Do It on Your Own – PaperStreet Can Help 

We know that updating your blog is low on your priority list of things to do for many of you. Still, it is essential to show that you are ready, willing, and able to assist both old and new clients with their legal needs, even during the pandemic and thereafter.

If you would like to take your site to a whole new level and freshen up your content, contact us today to discuss your options. We are here and happy to help!

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