Top 5 Reasons a Law Firm Should Offer Legal Webinars

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As a lawyer or law firm looking to expand your reach and stay current with your marketing efforts, delivering information online offers tremendous benefits. Webinars have gained popularity in the last few years, giving users instant and convenient access to valuable tools and information. We’ve entered an era where providing free information doesn’t make you a sucker, but rather an intelligent strategist who will see a return on your time investment.

Why should you offer legal webinars? Below are the five top reasons:

  1. Connect With Your Target AudienceWhether you choose to offer webinars exclusively to existing clients, referral sources, potential clients or all of the above, webinars will help you connect and engage with your audience. In this era of constant stimuli and distraction, making yourself or your firm visible and memorable is key. Webinars, remind existing clients and referral sources that you are still available and staying current. As for potential clients, you are communicating that you enjoy sharing your in-depth knowledge and experience with others.
  2. Gain a Competitive EdgeBy offering a free webinar, you are embodying a high level of customer service. Consider webinars an extension of your benefits to clients or your network. Since the legal industry and the law can be intricate, evolving and complex, helping others learn more about a particular topic is valuable and appreciated. In fact, client loyalty and credibility are positively impacted; free educational offerings gives you a big competitive edge.
  3. Become the AuthorityLike blog posts, webinars are a platform to help you become the authority on a topic or subject. Let’s say you practice family law and you give a monthly webinar about recent updates and news relating to divorce law. Potential clients who have been delaying action or referral sources looking to outsource a complex case may be tuning into your discussion. Your consistent education develops and further establishes you as an authority on the subject matter, resulting in more inquiries and business.
  4. Save Time & Make People Happy with Q&A SessionsWebinars don’t have to embody a particular format like a 30- minute presentation. Webinars can also provide an open forum legal Q&A session. A Q&A session could save you hours of time in meetings or conference calls answering the same questions for different people or clients. By gathering interested users together in one webinar, not only will you simultaneously answer multiple questions, but people will leave with peace of mind. It may even lead to more client sign-ons and new business.
  5. Create Blog Posts for SEO & AccessibilityLastly, you can kill two birds with one stone by creating a blog post, or several posts, using the content from your legal webinar. There are many reasons you should convert your webinar information into blog posts each time you host a presentation:
    1. Each new blog post creates another page of content on your site and that helps boost your search engine rankings.
    2. Assuming your webinar was focused on a topic of law, you likely used SEO keyword rich content throughout. By repurposing that information into a blog post, you are not only adding more content to your site, but also valuable phrases that search engines love.
    3. It’s easy! Since you’ve already done the hard work of preparing and crafting your legal webinar, you can quickly copy and paste the information. Sharing the highlights and takeaways make for an effective and engaging read.
    4. You can direct people who missed your webinar to your blog post to get the scoop. For those who didn’t even know about the webinar, they may find it on your blog and attend future ones. Either way, recapping your legal webinar and making the information accessible on your blog is convenient for your audience.
    5. Add your webinar recording. Be sure to provide a link where users can hear and watch the presentation at their leisure. I’ll list a few good resources below.

Start planning your first webinar by signing up for a webinar service (see the webinar resources below), considering the legal topic you want to cover, when you will schedule the webinar and who you will invite. Enjoy this new marketing tool and be sure to let PaperStreet know how it’s working for you!

Webinar Resources

  1. Free Webinar Service:
  2. Paid Webinar Services: See a List of Top Webinar Services
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