Tools the SEO Team Uses Every Day to Monitor Bad Links

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If you are venturing into the world of SEO and link building in specific, you are going to need to the proper set of tools in order to build the correct backlink profile.  Your first and most useful resource is Google.  Create a Google account and use your Webmaster Tools diligently and if ever needed use the disavow tool.

Moz Local

This will draw all your listings from the web and give you an analysis of duplicates, completions percentages, and missing listings.

Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs, and Majestic SEO

These are the best backlink analysis tools in the business and between them will give you every link, every chart, and every domain and traffic statistic you will need.

Link Detox

To get a general analysis of how your backlink health stacks up this tool is a must.  I would manually review after running this report, however it’s a great tool to get started.

Just like catching a fish these tools will help you gut the bad links, clean and descale the suspicious, and keep the good ones on ice.

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