Step Away from the #Hashtag!

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Hashtag Etiquette 101

We’ve all been there, innocently scrolling through social media to check out the day’s posts when you come across this eyesore:

PS Website Photo

“such a #beautiful #day outside here at #companyname

#tree #grass #leaf #leaves #outside #mylocation #companyname #superunrelatedthing #here #there #everywhere #iloveoutside #whatelsecanihashtag #hashtag….”

Cue the rolling eye emoji as you think, “If I never see another hashtag, it’ll be too soon.”

There is an etiquette to properly using the good ol’ hashtag, especially if you are a business. PaperStreet has collected some tips on how to make the most of your hashtag usage, because we’d never let you be #thatguy.

Don’t #Hashtag #Every #Single #Word

Adding a hashtag to almost every word in a post takes away from the message. It may even deter viewers from reading due to the high level of annoyance tolerance required to read the actual content. As a business, the content on your social media matters. So, consider paring down the hashtags. You may be surprised to find your posts are more popular than before.

Only Hashtag When Relevant

Don’t force something that isn’t happening naturally. If a hashtag doesn’t fit in your post, that is a-okay. There’s no law of the social media land that says all posts must carry a hashtag.

Now that’s not to say you shouldn’t spend a minute or two to see if the opportunity is there. We recommend searching for a few (keyword: few) words that make sense within your post. If the results are lacking, there’s no harm in moving on and saving the hashtag for the next one.

Keep It Short & Use Actual Words

Some people may see hashtags as a place to be funny or get creative, but as a business, you should also prioritize practicality. Only use real words and no #superlonghashtagsthatmusheverythingtogether. Keeping it concise will boost the chances of viewers paying attention, which is exactly what you want.

There’s no doubt about it, hashtags have taken the social media world by storm. And while they can be a fun addition to your social media campaign, you’ll want to keep our tips in mind, so you look like a pro.

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