Six Ways to Improve Mobile Web Design

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By now you have probably heard of mobile web design. The ever-changing platforms by which we as Internet users access our content seem to evolve by the minute. As such, adapting websites for the endless array of screen sizes, resolutions, and mobile devices is an ongoing process.

Knowing this, how can we as website owners improve a visitor’s mobile web experience? Here are six ways to improve mobile web design:

  1. Click-to-call telephone number: Make it easier for visitors to find your number and make that call. Place your contact number in your site’s header.
  2. Create a single-pane format: Avoid side-scrolling if possible. It is much easier to scroll up or down on a mobile device than it is to scroll sideways.
  3. Streamline your navigation to essential links: Leave the drop-downs and superfluous navigation links for your more patient desktop web users.
  4. Focus your content: Be concise. Prioritize your content.
  5. Avoid unnecessary images: Remember that most mobile web users are using their 3G networks and may not be near a Wi-Fi connection; therefore, connection speeds may vary.
  6. Avoid zoom: If you are using images, make sure they fit the width of your mobile web design format.

Think simple, clear, and concise. Mobile web users are less likely to “surf” the Internet and are often looking to take immediate action. You want to design your mobile website accordingly.

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