Signs You Need a New Web Host

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One very important aspect of any successful website is a reliable and efficient web host. A good web host can make all the difference and should be seen as an investment. There are many choices when it comes to web hosts as some offer very cheap services while others offer greater performance at a higher cost.

Pricing, understandably, cannot be eliminated as a consideration. Unfortunately, web hosting is a service where the idiom, “you get what you pay for,” often applies. There are many criteria that identify what makes a “good” web host. With that in mind, we created this post in order for you to know when it may be time to take your website elsewhere.  

How to Know When You Should Switch Web Hosts

There are several reasons why you may want to consider switching to a new web host. Below are the most telltale signs that your web host isn’t providing you with the support you can receive from a better company. 

You Are Experiencing Increased or More Frequent Downtime

Your website is considered ‘down’ when it is not available to be accessed by users. Downtime is something that anyone with a website works to avoid but should also plan for. Nearly every hosting provider will have to do either server updates, resets, or something similar but this usually only results in a few minutes of downtime and typically only during the night when traffic is low. 

A website that is down comes across as unreliable and less reputable to your potential and current clients or customers. Worse yet, longer or more frequent outages can result in lost revenue. If you find that your website is down for longer than or more often than you expected, consider seeking a more reliable web host to ensure your website is available as much as possible. 

Your Server’s Security is Lacking

Another very critical aspect of any web host is their security. Providers offer different levels of web security but it is important to take this into account as it can have some very detrimental effects on you and your users. 

Malicious attacks are a common security issue faced by servers and an issue that can lead to compromised user data and loss of information or important files. This can also affect your credibility and make users more wary of using your website. 

Here at PaperStreet, we keep your website safe; we limit disk write capabilities, have disallowed plugin lists, enforce password security requirements, encrypt data, limit brute force login attempts, block spam bots, set up automatic updates, establish secure backups, and set up free SSL.

Keeping your site secure is key to a good web presence. If security is very important to you and you feel your web host isn’t up to par, then you should consider looking for a web host which offers improved security capabilities. 

Customer Service is Unresponsive or Lacking

As a website owner, it is likely that you will be in contact with your web host’s support team. A responsive and helpful support team can make all the difference when you have a question or are facing any technical issues. There will be times when you will need to get a hold of support quickly to resolve errors or to seek guidance and if they don’t provide an easy or prompt experience, it can lead to significant  problems.,

Responsive customer service can also give you peace of mind that you have a reliable support team should any problem ever arise. If your web host’s customer service is slow to provide adequate answers or hard to get in contact with, you may want to consider seeking a new web host provider. 

Your Website Loads Slowly

Website speed has become and will likely continue to be one of, if not the most, important aspects of your website. When a user has a poor experience on your website, they are not likely to return and instead go to a competitor. Retaining your users is critical especially for conversions and improving your SEO. Not only is a quality and fast loading website expected, it has become a standard for users across all industries. There are many other factors that may affect your website’s page speed but a slow web host can have a big impact. If you have been making speed improvements and are still not getting the results you expect, it is likely your web host that is the cause of it. 

PaperStreet is Here to Help

You should look for a web host that fulfills all your needs and provides you with the tools needed to ensure your website is successful. Always remember that a good web host is an investment into the foundation of your website. At PaperStreet, we pride ourselves on the reliability of our web hosting service. We have a number of web hosting packages that can include ADA compliance and content writing, and we encourage you to reach out for a quote today. 

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