404 Error Page Example: Rethink Your 404 Error Page … We Did

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Full Site Map vs. Search Function – 404 Error Page Examples

We recently had a discussion about the way we build 404 error pages for our new sites. Alex, our Internet Marketing Director and Leian, a Web Developer, suggested adding a small snippet of script that would have a search bar, recommend alternatives and make suggestions to the link you are trying to access rather than a list of the full sitemap.

Take a look at the examples below.

This is a traditional 404 error page with the site map information.


This is an example of a 404 error page that populates possible pages you were looking for and provides a search bar.


Our New Direction

PaperStreet has decided to go in the direction of adding a friendly message, search bar and page suggestions. We feel that including the entire sitemap on a 404 page does not provide the best experience for the user. However, we still recommend you have a HTML sitemap page that is used as a table of contents or index for the website.

What are your favorite 404 error page examples?

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