New York Advertising Rules – Go Away

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We’ll it looks like “old school” has lost a key battle. Good, the Federal Court rules that new lawyer advertising rules in New York violates free speech.

“New rules governing lawyer advertising that took effect in New York on Feb. 1 cannot be enforced because they violate the First Amendment right to free speech, according to a ruling issued today by a federal court in New York.”

Feel free to read my previous lengthy post on New York Advertising Rules for Lawyer: A Trench Fight Instead of Rising Up to Lead.

To recap, we need to improve the professionalism of lawyers. Making rules is not the answer. Yes, it is what we know how to do best, but it is not what we should be doing. Instead we should be focusing our efforts on creating a new brand and image. Fostering creativity and encouraging ideas should be our goal.

Yes, some firms will look shady if they are not provided rules to adhere to. Those same firms are still going to bend the rules and look shady no matter what. Every industry has its “crazy uncle” that you laugh at and feed under the door. However, it is always the leading companies that define the image for an industry, or in this case, a profession.

Instead of allowing firms to rise up and become that leader, we continue to handicap and bring everyone into the trenches over minutia rules.

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