JQuery: The Smart Alternative to Flash Animation, Especially for Mobile Websites

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Once upon a time people, “oo-ed and aw-ed” over animation on websites created by Adobe Flash. Things moved and websites had catchy “Flash intros.” Eventually, as with most trends, we grew tired of this and developed a knee-jerk reflex to “skip intro,” or we would opt to leave the site altogether if the “pre-loader” for flash took too long or was just plain annoying.

Now that we are moving toward more mobile web design, the Flash conundrum is even more apparent since Apple, the makers of the iPhone and iPad, announced that Flash will not even load on its mobile devices. Instead a big blank area will appear that makes your web design look unfinished.

Here is an article directly from Steve Jobs -” http://www.apple.com/hotnews/thoughts-on-flash/

Before you get all discouraged and fearful that your website might be too boring without some Flash, here is a solution: Jquery.

Jquery allows simple animation, typically in the form of images sliding or fading in and out. That way, you can still have rotating messages on your homepage and multiple images supported by compelling taglines.

But the important principals of mobile design still stand. Don’t over do it, and make sure you have a solid message to support the use of animation through jquery.

Here are a few examples of sites where PaperStreet has used Jquery to enhance a website’s look and marketing message.

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