An Interview With Our PPC Team: Trends, Tips and Thoughts about PPC in 2016

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What is one top PPC trend for 2016?

Landing page optimization.”

Call only ads.”

What is an inexpensive way to update your PPC campaign?

Remarketing is very cost effective.  Unfortunately, most family law firms and criminal defense cannot participate.”

Local display ads are inexpensive and achieve both branding traffic driving. Another low budget idea is a small PPC campaign centered around a smaller 5-10 mile radius near your business. Use ad scheduling to limit your spend and choose keywords relevant to your business but not too broad. Ultimately, PPC is where you’ll want to focus a digital budget so it’s best to test it out on a small scale to see what type of return is out there.”

What tools do you use for PPC?

AdWords MCC.”

“AdWords and AdWords Editor.”

What is one way clients can be more prepared to work with a PPC?

Set expectations clearly for budget, number of leads wanting and make sure you have call tracking installed as lots of leads can come via phone.”

Feedback. It’s so important for clients to think of this as a partnership. Once the phones start ringing and leads pour in, tell us what type of people are coming through the door. Are they potential clients? Or, are you constantly having to redirect them elsewhere because they aren’t your target demographic? You know your business best. The more feedback you give us, the better we can tailor your campaigns.”

What makes for great PPC campaign?

Simple, a return on investment.”

Conversions. Conversions. Conversions.”

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