Importance of a Blog: SEO, Credibility, Authority and Usability.

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Blogging has been to the web what baseball has been to America for centuries; blogging is the web’s favorite past time. Since the first online blogging “software”, Open Diary, spawned from forums in 1998 people have been posting their opinions about everything and anything they can think of.

Recently blogs have leapt great distances. Not only spreading opinion (but thanks to search engines like Google) they have also become the most cost effective marketing tool in recent history. A blog is relatively inexpensive to set up compared to traditional marketing venues such as Print, TV, or even Pay-per-click marketing.

SEO purposes of blogs:

  • Blogs with keyword rich language can rank high in Google results, and even boost your overall website’s Page Rank.
  • Each blog post fills Google with relevant keywords that are used in daily searches by ordinary people using ordinary language.
  • Each blog post adds one more page to your site. Google tends to rank its sites based on “the best available resource” for that topic. More Relevant Content = Better Resource.

With consistent additions, blogs not only rapidly increase your site’s search engine rankings and fill Google’s database with limitless possibilities of content but also gives your site something that some feel is even more important; usability. All without paying your web designer an hourly rate to make new pages of content. Companies hire usability specialists at over $150,000+ a year to review and improve the usability of their site; which in turn results in more inquires; which then transfers hopefully to more fiscal transactions. This is your FREE $150,000 tip.

Blogs are great for credibility, authority and usability.

  • Credibility: Speaking to your visitors as if you were having a face to face conversation gives people a sense of who you are; it brings a humane aspect to your company. People tend to hire those people who they can trust.
  • Authority: You can become a gatekeeper of information in your practice through a well written blog. You can become the authority expert and go to resource.
  • Usability: Blogs statistically improve your user’s time on your site, which directly correlates to the fact that… More time on your site = Better chance of inquiring for your services.

Hopefully by now you can see the benefits of a blog for your company. We, at PaperStreet Web Design, have been designing, developing, and managing blogs for companies internationally. Check out some of the blogs we’ve done in our Portfolio.

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