How to Get Testimonials for Your Law Firm Website

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You wouldn’t be in business if you didn’t have happy clients, and we wouldn’t be following marketing best practices if we didn’t plan to include testimonials on your new law firm website. Testimonials offer you an opportunity to show that you do amazing work vs. saying you do amazing work. 

Who Should I Ask for a Testimonial?

We recommend making it part of your internal processes to prompt happy clients for a testimonial. For plaintiff firms, that means at closing right when you’re handing over the check or processing the final paperwork. For firms working with clients on an ongoing basis with no real stop date, it’s okay to ask for a testimonial for your new law firm website. See suggested verbiage below.

It is also wise to think of other people you work with daily. FOr example, personal injury law firms often work with other lawyers as co-counsel. Even your vendors, experts, and colleagues in shared memberships can comment on your abilities and personality in a testimonial.

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How Do I Ask a Client for a Testimonial?

It is best to ask a client for a testimonial online so you can provide quick links to the websites where you want them to post their comments. It is always a good idea to preface your email request in a phone call or meeting, but following up with the links will make for less work, which increases the likelihood that they will actually follow through. 

Template Email Asking for Client Testimonials

Dear Client, 

It has been a pleasure working with you. Thank you for choosing [FIRM NAME] to assist with your legal needs. Happy notes from our clients are one of our best marketing tools. If you were pleased with the service you received, we would be grateful if you could leave an online review. 


Testimonials on Google help our website stay relevant and also instill confidence in future clients to help grow our business. 

Thank you for your time. We wish you the best.

Questions to Prompt Client Feedback

A recurring problem for many larger law firms is great testimonials that name specific attorneys. Firms often don’t want to highlight a specific attorney in a testimonial. They want the verbiage to be generic to the firm.

If you find you consistently have this issue try asking specific questions of clients that situate their answers in a manner that doesn’t prompt a name.

  • What made our firm a good fit for you?
  • What made working with our firm a positive experience?
  • Why would you recommend our firm to a friend, colleague, or family member?
  • Please share with us a few words about your experience working with the firm.
  • What did you like most about the service we provided?
  • How was your initial contact with the firm?

Examples of Law Firm Website Testimonials

We can plan to have featured testimonials on your law firm website homepage, as well as a feature on the subpages.

A testimonial reads: "Always professional... Stacey-Ann provides quality work for her clients and in a timely manner. She is always professional. I appreciate her business morals. - Kay Powell.

We can highlight multiple testimonials by having them auto-rotate on the home page. This functionality allows you to choose your strongest quotes. You can also change them out as you gather more great feedback.

A client testimonial reading: "We have been using Preston for all our IP work for the past 5 or 6 years. He has been a great partner with lots of experience... " with attribution to Brett Bennett from Camp Chef.

We can house all your best testimonials on one page in addition to highlighting them in other areas of the website.

A collection of three customer testimonials for ESQgo with each review including a five-star rating and the names of the reviewers: James Stewart, Sergei Ivancenko, and Francesco Ricigliano.

We can feature the testimonials with the website they originated from. When we build this feature we allow for the testimonials to be manually added so they can be edited for size and consistency, which is especially important for quotes that live on your home page.

A 5-star review praising Amber and her team for their diligent work on a car accident case, mentioning detailed settlement handling, regular check-ins, and high recommendation.

Take it From the Pros – Always Plan to Include Testimonials

At PaperStreet, we’ve designed thousands of websites. It is our recommendation that testimonials add to the user experience and overall conversions. Ready for a new law firm web design? Reach out to our team today to learn more

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