How Google’s Content Spam Block Can Affect Your Law Firm Web Site — and What To Do About It

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If your law firm has recently seen an unexpected drop in its search engine rankings, you may want to look at your content to see if it is to blame.

Google recently made headlines when it launched a new algorithm to fight content spam. Many web sites with low-quality, shallow content have since seen their rankings plummet.

Even if you haven’t been affected by the new algorithm, this is a good opportunity to re-evaluate your content. Google has promised even more change to come, so if your copy isn’t particularly original or useful, it’s time to play catch-up.

Web Site Content Basics for Lawyers

Here are a few basics to keep in mind:

  • Don’t Copy Content from Other Sites. I cringe as I write this – in part because the advice seems so obvious, and in part because, unfortunately, it is necessary to repeat.
  • If You Must Use Stock Content, Personalize it. Stock content is unoriginal, but also cheap and legal to reuse (and reuse, which makes it of limited value for Search Engine Optimization). If you use stock content, contain it to your practice areas and add a personalized introduction to each page that speaks to your unique approach/clientele/geographic area.
  • Better Yet, Feature Original Copy Throughout Your Website. There really is no substitute for rich, robust content that shows how your firm is different, establishes authority and creates trust.

How To Select a Law Firm Content Provider

I suspect many lawyers reluctant to pay for original content are actually worried about something other than price: Quality. ” ” No one wants to pay a stranger a bunch of money and then have the written product turn out to be sub-par.

To avoid this:

  • Ask colleagues who they have used;
  • Find sites with content you admire and email them to find out who they hired;
  • Google terms like “Law Firm Content” and check out the portfolios of the companies there;
  • Be prepared to spend some time speaking with whatever company you choose about firm specifics and branding. Even the best writer cannot spin gold out of thin air;
  • Be wary of “free content included with web design” offers that don’t disclose they are talking about stock content. If the content is original and of high quality (and that’s a BIG if), how can they give it away? By gouging you elsewhere.

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