Google Trends Launches – Quick Thoughts

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A nifty new service from Google just launched called Google Trends. It allows you to see the trends between keywords. Right now, the search statistics seem to be limited to broad keyword phrases, such as “lawyer” vs. “attorney”, or “web design” vs. “web designer”.

Lawyer vs. Attorney Graph – Attorney wins.

Web Design vs. Web Designer – Web design wins.

Martindale vs. Findlaw vs. Westlaw vs. Lexis – Lexis & Martindale wins.

Google vs. Microsoft vs. Yahoo vs. AOL – Yahoo wins (although Google made sharp increases in 2005)

New York Attorney vs. New York Lawyer – New York Attorney wins

I imagine that Google can eventually open it up to show the trends for any type of keyword phrase, no matter how small, such as “Fort Lauderdale Lawyer” vs. “Fort Lauderdale Attorney”. When that happens, this will be an invaluable tool to plan internet marketing campaigns for lawyers.

Hopefully more to come . . .

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